I was a coach for Anna Lena during the Stanford 2025 project. She and the rest of her team (who I also coached) were given the challenge of Reimagining the future of accreditation. I helped her to think about creative ways to protoype her compelling concept and ways to keep her aligned with the user needs that were the inspiration for her design.

Instead of a resume where each computer science degree (for example) looks alike no matter what courses or projects a student works on, imagine a visualization of your skills as unique as your fingerprint. Something that dynamically evolves with you and let’s you more easily understand a person both at a glance and by going in-depth to learn more about personal stories. I developed this idea of a visual skill representation through an individual design project that launched within the context of Stanford 2025 and then built on it throughout the following year. Below you can see the current version, additionally, an iPad prototype implementing this concept from the perspective of a recruiter can be tested here.