I’ve been busy.

I’ve continued with the experiment for this fanned, venitian, idea.

Some learnings.

First of all my foot spins out of this particular model. It doesn’t have anything to do with the fanning, but I’m in the process of experimenting with several other methods to keep the mid-foot in place. And to do so without ruining the effect you get from this.

Also, this particular design is really all about skiving. Without it you’re stuck with a big chunk of leather between the toes. Not good.

Other things I’ve noted. This  design casts some interested shadowns on the foot. It’s almost like a veil.

It’s been really helpful for me to be working on several projects at once. Particularly if there’s any glue up involved. It allows you to do something while you are waiting for it to dry. While I’m playing with these, I’m also working on a pair of mules. They are a total wreck, but the sole might yeild something interesting one day.

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