I’m a bit obsessed with beautiful lines.
For this pair of shoes, I’m experimenting with ways of combining functional and non-functional straps. With the right material, I’m hoping that these will have a playful bounce as the woman walks along.

I used the sole design that I’d created on our 3d printer to test these out, but one could easily do a similar thing with a hacked pair of clogs.



Now that we have a 3D Printer at work, I’ve been revisiting some of the work I started in grad school around modular shoes. After muddling through AutoCad’s 123D Design this weekend I created this version that I’m planning to print tooday. (and maybe tomorrow – this is going to take a while).

My hope is that it’ll be a great platform for experimenting with modular shoes in a far more controlled setting that the hacks to existing shoes that I shared in the Craft article a few years ago. Stay tuned.

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