My partner and I are going to be moving soon. Just across the bay, but as I’m sure you know, any move is a hassle. So I’m taking the opportunity to get rid of anything that doesn’t get plenty of use.  Along those lines, I thought it was time to part with a mannequin I used during graduate school to model my boots.

I’d love it to go to a good home where someone can use it to model shoes or skirts. (please don’t make it into a lamp!)  So, if you are in the Bay Area and can pick it up, let me know. tom [at] redcoverstudios [dot] com.

About the mannequin:

Very lifelike. The legs have lots of realistic detail.

The feet are decent. Not great. Very small feet, probably a size 5 (but I put women’s size 9 on them)

Comes with a sturdy glass base plate.

Adjustable height (range is about 2-5 inches)

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