I was playing with a simple pattern for this middle seam boot for my father. Once I was able to get most of the boots lasted I knew that I’d made a mistake with the geometry of the pattern. The angle of the upper part of the boot was skewed forward. (They’d be perfect for walking up a steep hill or leaning into a hurricane.)

I’ll have to adjust the pattern and recut. No biggie though, it didn’t take long. Thank God for working with cheap materials.


https://redcoverstudios.comDarla Riley on June 21, 2011  ·  Reply

You’re so helpful to me. I’m realizing how to speed up my practices and save so much $$.
When I get to Italy (ARS Arpel) I will be able to keep up with the instructions..
PS. Do you find, when working with felt for prototypes & patterns that the adjustments turn out just as correct as they would if using a leather and better than tag board? Thanks, Darla

https://redcoverstudios.comThomas on June 23, 2011  ·  Reply

Great! So glad it’s been helpful.

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