I’m in the process of building a shed which was first featured in ReadyMade Magazine. (sadly no longer around.) I managed to grab the plans and some photos from the site before it went offline.
These are the plans for the MD100, by architect Edgar Blazona. It’s something that you should be able to do yourself for about $1500. I’ve modified his 10 x 10 foot design to work in our backyard.

I’ll post the full set of pictures of our building process once we’re done. In the mean time, here are the plans from ReadyMade.

I’m always thrilled to see folks pushing the boundaries for footwear. Marloes ten Bhömer is doing just that. The shoes are beautiful. I’m such a sucker for simple lines in footwear. I also love the rebelliousness of using vegetable tanned soling leather as the upper as well. The carbon fiber seems a bit of stretch, but I’m grateful for the attempt.

If you haven’t heard of Icon Aircraft, check them out. They’ve been getting tons of write up lately and I recently got a sneak peak at the “looks like” prototype while they were showing it off at the Product Design Loft at Stanford.

I’m really excited about the project, and not just because one of the founders, Steen Strand, came out of my program in product design. For starters, duh, it’s an airplane. It’s beautifully designed, and then it’s an exciting disruption to a stagnant industry.

They’ve launched into the Sport flying space which is a new category of license available to recreational pilots. You have to fly during the day, in good weather and you can’t go that fast. Because of that, you it’s not as difficult to get the license.

At $139,000, it’s not cheap, but it’s also the first time I’ve ever known the price of a plane. (If you have to ask, you can’t afford it, etc).

I’m looking forward to watching this develop over the next few years. I think it could be a great example of disruptive innovation. I know they’ll have plenty of challenges, but they’ve already got plenty of orders. I believe production starts in 2011.

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