I’m in the process of building a shed which was first featured in ReadyMade Magazine. (sadly no longer around.) I managed to grab the plans and some photos from the site before it went offline.
These are the plans for the MD100, by architect Edgar Blazona. It’s something that you should be able to do yourself for about $1500. I’ve modified his 10 x 10 foot design to work in our backyard.

I’ll post the full set of pictures of our building process once we’re done. In the mean time, here are the plans from ReadyMade.


http://www.redcoverstudios.comedgar blazona on October 11, 2012  ·  Reply

Hi, Edgar Blazona here.. Did you ever build this? We would sure like to see it if you did. Check out our build from others. http://www.modulardwellings.com/md100blog/
Happy building!

http://www.redcoverstudios.comThomas on October 11, 2012  ·  Reply

Yes! I’m almost finished. Happy to share all my pics and learn ifs from it. And really, thank you so much. I’ve had such fun building it and expect it to bring more maker joy for years to come. I’m so glad you designed it!

http://www.redcoverstudios.comThomas on October 13, 2012  ·  Reply

Also, I love the Modular Dwellings site. I’ll add my process picts once I’m done traveling. If you are curious, I’ve got most of the work to date up on Flickr site. http://www.flickr.com/photos/8170698@N06/7988734116/in/set-72157626735933070

http://www.redcoverstudios.comNate Davis on June 17, 2015  ·  Reply

Hi Tom, I’m investigating building a writing shed for my wife in our backyard, and this design looks affordable, about the right size, and attractive. I followed the links from your Flickr page back here, but the latest link just goes to the Red Cover home page. Did you finish it? How much did it cost?

On the handyman scale, I’m probably a 4/10…I can paint, install sheetrock, shearwalled our house, but all those I learned from someone more experienced, so looking for some advice! Incidentally, I also live in Oakland and would love to see your version if that’s not too forward/weird.


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