Here’s a trick I learned from my partner. She’s interested in doing a career transition. Some of the advice she read suggested that in addition to doing the new thing, you can also learn quite a bit, by, wait for it… reading. I know, who’d of thought. So I recently came across this series of books by Adriana Trigiani. The first, Very Valentine has been out for a couple of years. Apparently it’s a novel about a family with a shoemaking business. I’m guessing readers will have to wade through some family drama, sex and intrigue on their way to shoe-making gems, but since we can’t be cutting leather on the bus or plane, this might be a good way to get some background knowledge. If anyone’s read it, let me know.

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http://www.redcoverstudios.comDrea Leverenz on April 22, 2010  ·  Reply

These books are excellent. Valentine is in the family business-she works with her grandmother. In the books they make custom wedding shoes. In the 2nd book they start to expand. They actually get into the shoe making pretty quickly and for a non-shoe maker it is pretty in depth about what they do and equipment they use. There is family drama. After reading these books-I want to hop on a plane to Italy and get
myself a custom pair of shoes. Very Valentine the 1st book-is being made into a movie for tv, it will on in 2011. I hope this helps answer you question.
Have a great day

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